Fatal Crash On Northbound 5 Freeway In Santa Clarita Prompts SigAlert

One person is dead after a crash involving a semi and an SUV on the northbound 5 Freeway at Gavin Cyn. CHP has issued a SigAlert and the number one, two and three lanes will be blocked for up to an hour while authorities conduct an investigation.

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11 thoughts on “Fatal Crash On Northbound 5 Freeway In Santa Clarita Prompts SigAlert”

  • Avatar of Moshe Heletz

    I drove by this on the Old Road right next door on my way to Palo Alto, that was some of the worst traffic I’ve ever seen. Be careful everyone, driving can be very dangerous.

  • Avatar of Ryan Gawer

    Was about an Hour From Running into this! I’ve never gotten off the freeway so fast and gotten a Motel room for the night before

  • Avatar of Lancelot Dufrane
    Lancelot Dufrane

    This cardiac arrest, is happening all over the country. Jabbed people, behind the wheel… watch your automotive accidents, in your areas. This will continue. Be very careful. Semi’s. Trains. Buses. Planes?… Be Well. My fellows.. this is serious. Ask the “medical “ System, to find Jab evidence, or clear, it’s part,… in the massively increased transport accident accumulation in past weeks!

  • Avatar of Kory Rude

    Look…drivers and speeders 10 overers and lane fast switchers……just…..drive an old car……..into a beater car at…..15 mph………you'll never wanna……crash……………again….kiddos….and meanos…..

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