Pursuit driver in custody after chase through San Fernando Valley, Ventura County areas

A driver was taken into custody after a pursuit through the San Fernando Valley and Ventura County areas Monday morning.

Story: https://ktla.com/news/local-news/authorities-in-pursuit-of-vehicle-in-porter-ranch-area/

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19 thoughts on “Pursuit driver in custody after chase through San Fernando Valley, Ventura County areas”

  • Avatar of toto y oli

    admirable work of the officers !!!! Proceeding in the face of the situation. Here in Argentina, no importance is given to such a situation. officers are not allowed to remove a person from their vehicle and authorization is required for everything. which takes time and ends in nothing. If here were like there there would not be so many crimes. I congratulate the work of the officers there.

  • Avatar of Too-old Forthischet
    Too-old Forthischet

    I saw it end this morning. Eight cruisers and two motorcycle officers to end this. They need to recruit Hunter and Dee Dee.

  • Avatar of Guadalahonky Guadalahonky
    Guadalahonky Guadalahonky

    Norco 80 – The Mother of All Police Chases took place in 1980. The suspects got super-high on weed, armed themselves to the teeth, had I.E.D.s they had made and could launch or throw, then robbed a bank, shot down a helicopter, a police car was hit and destroyed by a train, a law enforcement officer was killed by gunfire as they escaped into the mountains, the getaway driver was killed behind the wheel and crashed the getaway van they had stolen hours before, immediately following the robbery.

    Some strange stuff happens too. There is a 3-part documentary on that day.

    1. The Zodiac – 1969
    2. Newhall Incident – 1970
    3. Norco 80 – 1980
    4. NoHo Shootout – 1997

    Water-shed crime and law enforcement in California history. CHP was founded in 1929. In Newhall, CA. in 1970, two bank robbers from Houston, Texas were casing banks in Los Angeles and practicing communications on walkie-talkies north of the city, near Valencia, and killed 4 CHP officers in a stop at a gas station, in a matter of minutes.

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    Mountain Hiking

    My fav commentary is off air after things have been "sent down to the studio" Awesome combo of clothing. lol

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    6سيارات شرطه والطائره المروحيه من فوق كل هولاء على سيارة واحده فيها شخص واحد ؟كم انتم مرعوبين ايها الشرطه !!!!

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